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Nutrition and Wellness


We don’t just live to survive; we need to experience the warm breeze passing by our face, the granule sands of the sea through your feet, the adventure when you climb a mountain and the joy of being with someone you love. The world filled with so many things must provide a purpose to our life. But we are mind controlled and made to work like robots. We give up our days to get things. We are told to do something for a living, and we end up working by giving up every single drop of our blood and what we get in the end is something which could barely take you through the month.

Nutrition and Wellness

We don’t care about ourselves and our nutrition, and our well-being is at stake. The word diet defined as “the process of eating or obtaining food which is necessary for the growth and well-being of our body.” There is a huge difference between eating and eating in a nutritious way.

What is Nutritious Lifestyle?

A nutritious life style can include the way you eat and the way you take care of your body. Your health depends on what you consume and how to maintain your health.

With our changed life styles, we hardly get any time to eat healthily. We slip in something into our mouths which are available easily and the food which is tasty. I don’t understand why all food which tastes good is unhealthy for our body. Maybe it’s all in our head, but we always prefer the things which are harmful to our body. We read so many articles about eating healthy fruits and vegetables and avoid junk. But it is ridiculous that the prices of these “healthy foods” are much more than the readily available junk food we get by the road sides.

Moreover sometimes eating healthy can be a luxury for many people on the earth. So the best you can do is try to get all the possible nutrients required for your body and all the things which make you feel good and energetic.

Forcing in a diet which you don’t like and forcing your body to change to the size people of the world expect you to be is absolutely a complete waste. What is wellness if your body is not satisfied with what you do or eat?

In Detail:

Wellness is not only fit and healthy, but it also to be emotional, mentally, financially well. There are eight components which define wellness.

  • Emotional: Only by being in a good emotional state can you be able to handle things in life. Many things hit you. Personally, you need to have an emotional state of mind feel all the pressure you are being put in.
  • Spiritual: You don’t need to be godly or something to be spiritual. It is just holy and genuine to yourself and in whatever you do.
  • Intellectual: Intellectually being able to manage the struggles in your life.
  • Physical: Taking care of your physical health by giving yourself a nice morning jog.
  • Environmental: being polite and friendly to things and people around you.
  • Financial: Being financially stable in such a way you get your personal space.
  • Occupational: doing what you love.
  • Social: Able to move well with people around you.

So in this world where everything is so fast and where people have no time for each other even with their families, try to get yourself some peace and fresh air of nutrition and well-being.

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