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Four things to avoid if you’re worried about your liver

The liver is the organ in charge when it comes to the body regulating digestion, expelling harmful chemicals and toxins from the body and running a seamless metabolism. As soon as the liver is damaged, the body will be unable to efficiently convert food into necessary nutrients the same way a healthy liver will which then leads to even more damage if proper care isn’t taken. To maintain the health of your liver and improve your overall quality of life, it is important to avoid certain foods that will overstretch your liver.

Animal-Based Foods

When you eat animal-based foods, your liver that is damaged will not be able to break down amino acids produced in the body and adequately metabolize proteins gotten from these foods. So it is essential that as soon as you begin to have worries or concerns about your liver, you should avoid red meat like bison and beef. Eggs and dairy products such as cheese, milk, and yogurt should also be eliminated from your diet. While protein is essential for your overall nutrition, you should settle with non-meat protein sources like nuts and beans or lean meats from poultry. It is also advisable to consider plant-based products like soy milk.

Foods with high sodium content

One element that will most likely not be processed entirely by a damaged liver is sodium and salt contains sodium. Canned foods, such as vegetables, soups, and meats are high in salt content, and that’s the reason they cause fluid retention and abdominal swelling when taken by someone living with a damaged liver. Ensuring a low-sodium diet by avoiding some of these foods is one vital way to prevent liver damage. If you still have a healthy one, revitalize it. If you’re already noticing some severe symptoms or you want to avoid unnecessary liver inflammation, substitutes such as pepper, garlic, and spices can be used in flavoring food instead of salt.

Foods with high sugar content

Like salt, sugary foods should be avoided. They are simple carbohydrates having a high level of sodium and sugar meaning a diet that contains a lot of these will stress the liver unnecessarily. It is advised that you eat foods with fibrous carbs and natural sugars like oranges, strawberries to ensure that your liver is free from unhealthy sugar and sodium levels.


As soon as you’re worried about your liver, all alcoholic beverages should be done away with to give that liver a chance to regenerate. One major factor that contributes to the liver-damaging is chronic alcoholism because it hinders the liver from properly absorbing nutrients at this moment forcing the liver onto toxicity. Any form of liquor including wine, champagne or beer as well as some OTCs (some over-the-counter drugs such as cough syrup contain alcohol) should be consciously avoided.
It’s to your advantage that you avoid these foods because when you get ill, you’ll get treated for symptoms that you feel most times, overlooking the liver causing the symptoms.

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